Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dear Daniel Craig

Dear Daniel,

Okay, so I said I was going to hand this blog over, but it turns out I’ve only had one taker and I’ve lost the gentleman’s very sweet account of how his wife inspired him to become a writer upon his return from war.
That being said, OMG! Letters to Daniel the documentary has achieved something I never dreamed possible. I entered it into the FREE FILM FESTIVAL and it has not only been accepted it has secured digital and theatrical distribution.


If you could see me now!

It’s one of those full circle moments where everything. And I mean everything comes together. This film, the memoir, and really, this blog has been there for me in way that I used poo poo others about.

Yeah I’m journaling to some degree, but it’s not just a journal on display here, it’s my life. And how rapidly it’s changed over the last few years.

First came the books, then with the screenplays, now with the film. It’s hard to believe May 7, 2013 marked the beginning of this blog. And how now, even though I know you don’t see me, don’t know me, have never heard of me you and you work have inspired me to be my best self at such a point in my life when I thought perhaps it wouldn’t have happened at all!

Everything’s been moving fast this year. Not that it wasn’t moving fast before, but this year it seems to moving really fast.

And as time goes by it seems to go at breakneck speed. I find it difficult to just sit and relax and soak up and enjoy the moment. Some of that I’m sure is the anxiety from the bipolar disorder and the relentless need to always be moving forward to always be telling a story.

Even though I lost last night at the Louisville International Festival of Film I had the best time relaxing drinking ginger ale and chatting with Mysti Parker, my date for the evening. Missy couldn’t make it and Pam was wiped from physical therapy, Sisters In Crime and had projects to work on.

So it was me and Mysti, ON A YACHT! Talking, laughing, drinking. Watching awards going to people who weren’t even present to receive them. LOL. The awards were burnished mahogany glossed Louisville Slugger Baseball Bats with the category they had won and their project would be engraved and shipped to them.

I have never had such a good time losing before. Maybe because I didn’t think I could win, or I felt out of place with the people around me. People who were phony and fake and well very different from the crowd at Imaginarium.

Otherwise I had Mysti there and after the awards were over we retreated to restaurant and had dinner. The clam chowder was delicious and brownie sundae was just too big to eat between the two of us.

I soaked up the moment. Most people were disappointed they didn’t win. And there was a piece of me that was too. But I was able to soak up the fact there was NO PRESSURE on me or my film to do anything beyond screen at 11AM on a Friday morning in the basement of the library.

It was a lovely festival run by lovely people. And I take away the compliment one volunteer gave my film, that it was amazing. That really touched me. Because she meant it. Now my film has distribution on VOD, ISS, DvD, and theatrically. I am above all truly blessed. And  I found out tonight three of my screenplays have been accepted into the festival.

If only you could see me now.


Amy McCorkle