Friday, August 29, 2014

Dear Daniel

Dear Daniel,

I just want to take a moment and thank everyone who has helped me reach this stage of my career. I do this from time to time but this year has been especially huge. There are the usual suspects Missy and Pam. And while I mention them often it bears repeating that it wasn’t just a miracle that I got here. It is due in no small part to Missy’s never-ending source of compassion, steadying hand when I might fly off into the ether and creative collaboration that I survived the past, stayed with treatment and sat my butt down in the chair to write every day. Some it crap, some of it promising. All the while developing my voice away from the prying and unforgiving eyes of the world. To Pam who opened my eyes to the world of ebook publishing and introducing me into the world fandom and conventions. Plus always being there for me when I either needed this or that for my films. She’s filled in the blanks when Missy was unable to. Both of them taking me to doctor appointments and paying for medication whenever I couldn’t. Missy is the sister I never had and always wanted. And Pam the kind of friend I never expected and perhaps didn’t deserve. But these equally talented writers and filmmakers have been the source of healing and though not every day with them is perfect it is that imperfection that I find the strength to sit down and write.

Then there are my publishers who have supported me and had my back from the beginning. Starting with Lea Schizas who gave me my big break with Another Way to Die and accepted my second and third stories in 2011. All of which went on to be award winners. And GLADIATOR going on to be my first Amazon Bestseller. Then Frank Hall, formerly of Hydra Publications ed who gave my first break in print, Bounty Hunter. It became my second bestseller and screenplay Missy and I have adapted on it has gone on to win two different awards so far. Dave Mattingly for publishing Gemini’s War, my first 60K book. Which went on to become my third betseller. And back to Hydra and it’s new publisher, Tony Acree, a brilliant writer and marketer, whose business acumen rewarded my faith in him when Bounty Hunter returned to print, and my three shorts two of which were co-written with Missy went on to become my 4th, 5th, and 6th bestsellers.

And finally to my long time editors and cover artist, Greta, Tanja, Ana and Delilah, you all made me look very good and helped my books become what they have while building me a small, but very loyal readership.

Stephen Zimmer, who made my dreams come true by making Letters to Daniel the documentary its premiere event at Imaginarium. Who allowed me a place at the Con Community table in 2011 at Sweatfest. A person who still amazes me with his energy and ability to write, promote, run a publishing house, help with literary tracks at other Cons to creating Imaginarium, a literary con with a film festival that honors its screenwriters. I thank you as a lot of these things come to me as a result from attending that first Con in 2011.

And finally to Ray and Kristina at Indie Gathering where biggest breakthrough in my film career yet has come. 4 screenwriting awards. 1 film award. A connection to Brian Boyd a talented actor producer who I hope to be able to afford one day which led me to John Iwasz and a paid screenwriting gig. Chance encounters with Nicholas Mackey the actor wearing the dude abides t-shirt and JoAnna Lloyd and Tim Hale actors that came by my convention table. All of whom are going to be in my short film Rain Down On Me. One of which has provided the budget for the film to get made.

I’ve got a TV Pilot and Web Series pilot written. I’m working on the Gladiator Chronicles adaptation feature screenplay. Plan to write a TV Pilot based on Gunpowder and Lead and a feature adaptation of Gemini’s War.

My current novel is The Power of Goodbye. All good things come from a lot of hard work, helping hands and a pinch of luck, or as Missy puts it, the golden horseshoe shoved up my ass.

And of course your work inspires me to do my best work. I don’t know if our paths will ever cross, but as you know I will be here at this blog telling my story in hopes that it will inspire others out of their darkness and yours did me. Oh and special s/o to Maurice Benard you inspired me to walk through that mental health care clinic and get evaluated. A move that in no small part saved my life and made this life possible.


Amy McCorkle

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dear Daniel

Dear Daniel,

I come to you bursting at the seams with joy and pride, first of all, the proof of my triumph at The International Indie Gathering. A film festival and convention that for me, at least lived up to all the hype and made the desperate struggle to get there completely worth it in the end.

I have worked hard for a moment like what IG offered me. The only drawback was Missy was not there to network and revel in the success like I was. Right down to the moment where I was interviewed by the Reel Network’s Kristina Michelle and felt ‘discovered’ by independent producer Brian Boyd at my convention table where I was selling copies of Letters to Daniel Volumes 1 & 2 and the documentary.

I scored a scored a short film screenwriting gig out of it. The same producer is looking at all of my scripts. I found a pool of actors to possibly work with for my short film Rain Down On Me. Still another director there asked to see You’re the Reason. An actress wants to work with me.

People wanted to talk to me after the awards ceremony. It was crazy. I even sold 13 copies of Letters to Daniel the book and several of the documentary.

Talk about a film festival that delivered on every level. I can only hope I can repeat the fete again next year.
Being paid to write has always been a dream of mine and 500 dollars equals my monthly income, well almost monthly income.

And right before I jaunted off to Hudson, OH for my trip to Indie Gathering I sent your publicist my documentary and memoir. Those things scored me the screenwriting gig.

I wouldn’t have had as much fun as I did if it weren’t for my Aunt Sue. Aka Brenda Sue Duffey. She did the heavy lifting of that Missy and Pam usually do. She loaded the carts pushed them to the room and car. We sat up the table together.

While the convention itself leaves much to be desired the fact I moved as much as I did lets you know I really worked it to move the copies. I pitched to everyone who listened I had a guest of honor’s guest turn his nose up at me and give me 30secs to pitch Letters to Daniel to him. He was a total ass. But I figure by pitching I just got practice in and it tortured him a little bit in the process. Win/win. LOL.

I met a really nice couple Rich and Jodi whose film Confidential won 1st place in their category. They even bought my books and documentary and my aunt’s book.

I really wish perhaps people could have seen all that I did, experienced all that I did. Having never received hardware for my creative work it was nice receiving it and applause for the work I do with Missy away from anyone’s attention.

Making connections was fantastic. The only thing better will be Imaginarium, when the film premieres. I have three free badges. I know it’s corny and I know you have no clue I exist. Or even that this blog exists but those badges are going to waste. I’d like to invite you and your family to Imaginarium to see the film and be special guests at the Convention and Film Festival.

I know you have a million things going on in your career and life but I just wanted to put that out there. Because it seems your work has inspired me to breakthrough not just in my literary career, but to start busting through in my screenwriting and filmmaking career as well.


Amy McCorkle

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dear Daniel,

Dear Daniel,

I have returned from Fandom Fest. Was it as huge as last year was for me? Yes and no. Yes because I had double digit sales overall, 22 books. I sold out of two titles and almost a third. I sold one set of my Gemini Rising series books. And a copy of mine and Missy’s When Doves Cry.


We lost the screenwriting competition. Not so nice.

The panels went well. Nice.

Sucky sales Friday and Saturday. Awesome sales Sunday. A man from Bayou Con committee took my card for possible inclusion as a guest at their show. Very nice.

Being out of shape and being forced to walk all over freaking creation and having my leg cramp up on me? 
Not so nice.

But all in all the show ran smoother. It was nice and cold in the vendor hall. The set up was better and at least there was an awards ceremony this year even if Missy and me didn’t win.

Also in the nice category, Pam sold out of her The Ripper’s Daughter paranormal, historical, mystery with horror elements novel. And Missy and I managed to move one copy of When Doves Cry.

I came to the conclusion Saturday night that perhaps Fandom was getting to expensive for me. Which puts me on the line about attending as a participant next year. I wonder if I go next year it will be as a spectator. What with the film taking off to some degree it makes me think that festivals are more of a fit. But then, Fandom Fest is home. It’s where I got my start, these last two years have been breakthrough on the sales front. To abandon it would be ridiculous. To stay without some need being met is no better.

I’m used to traveling with Pam and Missy. Having one chair means I have no back up crew where it comes to setting up. I know that sounds selfish but it keeps the event from becoming too much. Being crammed in at a six foot table doesn’t sound all that fantastic but if I could finagle an extra chair next year I would have at least Missy to help me.

Which makes me feel bad about Pam because we’ve become something of a traveling trio. Seeing two of us without the  third is odd.  

But coming up is Indie Gathering. I am forced onto a Greyhound because no one really wants or can make the trip. But that’s okay. That’s life. Missy was disappointed at Fandom. She wanted  to hear her name called. She wondered what I was going to say. I figured out how to work the camcorder on the phone so I will record the awards ceremony, or at least the portions where our names are going to be called. And that night I will put it up on the internet so that Missy can wake up to five awards being awarded to her.

I think for me, the Fright Night loss put Indie Gathering into a whole new light as to just how special our accomplishment at IG is. 5 out 5 awards. 4 screenplays and 1 film, the documentary all scored a win of some sort. Two second places and three honorable mentions. Awesome. Two trophies. Three medals. Even better. Say a prayer Missy gets Sunday off so that she can ride up to Hudson and accept the awards with me and hear her name called for herself.

Anyway, Fandom is ground zero where this stuff is concerned and I guess I will always have a soft spot for it.


Amy McCorkle