Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dear Daniel,

Dear Daniel,

I have returned from Fandom Fest. Was it as huge as last year was for me? Yes and no. Yes because I had double digit sales overall, 22 books. I sold out of two titles and almost a third. I sold one set of my Gemini Rising series books. And a copy of mine and Missy’s When Doves Cry.


We lost the screenwriting competition. Not so nice.

The panels went well. Nice.

Sucky sales Friday and Saturday. Awesome sales Sunday. A man from Bayou Con committee took my card for possible inclusion as a guest at their show. Very nice.

Being out of shape and being forced to walk all over freaking creation and having my leg cramp up on me? 
Not so nice.

But all in all the show ran smoother. It was nice and cold in the vendor hall. The set up was better and at least there was an awards ceremony this year even if Missy and me didn’t win.

Also in the nice category, Pam sold out of her The Ripper’s Daughter paranormal, historical, mystery with horror elements novel. And Missy and I managed to move one copy of When Doves Cry.

I came to the conclusion Saturday night that perhaps Fandom was getting to expensive for me. Which puts me on the line about attending as a participant next year. I wonder if I go next year it will be as a spectator. What with the film taking off to some degree it makes me think that festivals are more of a fit. But then, Fandom Fest is home. It’s where I got my start, these last two years have been breakthrough on the sales front. To abandon it would be ridiculous. To stay without some need being met is no better.

I’m used to traveling with Pam and Missy. Having one chair means I have no back up crew where it comes to setting up. I know that sounds selfish but it keeps the event from becoming too much. Being crammed in at a six foot table doesn’t sound all that fantastic but if I could finagle an extra chair next year I would have at least Missy to help me.

Which makes me feel bad about Pam because we’ve become something of a traveling trio. Seeing two of us without the  third is odd.  

But coming up is Indie Gathering. I am forced onto a Greyhound because no one really wants or can make the trip. But that’s okay. That’s life. Missy was disappointed at Fandom. She wanted  to hear her name called. She wondered what I was going to say. I figured out how to work the camcorder on the phone so I will record the awards ceremony, or at least the portions where our names are going to be called. And that night I will put it up on the internet so that Missy can wake up to five awards being awarded to her.

I think for me, the Fright Night loss put Indie Gathering into a whole new light as to just how special our accomplishment at IG is. 5 out 5 awards. 4 screenplays and 1 film, the documentary all scored a win of some sort. Two second places and three honorable mentions. Awesome. Two trophies. Three medals. Even better. Say a prayer Missy gets Sunday off so that she can ride up to Hudson and accept the awards with me and hear her name called for herself.

Anyway, Fandom is ground zero where this stuff is concerned and I guess I will always have a soft spot for it.


Amy McCorkle

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