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Amy McCorkle is a multi-published, bestselling, award winning author, blogger, and screenwriter. Having broken through the publishing barrier first with her fast paced, romantic Bond and Tattoesque thriller, Another Way to Die in 2011 she has gone on to sign 28 publication contracts. With nine books out and 4 of those going on to be Amazon Bestsellers she broke through on the film festival screenwriting scene with her best friend and writing partner in crime Melissa Goodman in 2013 at the Fright Night Film Festival with the adaptation of her bestselling Bounty Hunter.

She currently resides somewhere in KY with her cat and now seeks to produce her first documentary, Letters to Daniel.

Melissa Goodman was born and raised in the Louisville, Kentucky. She currently resides in Mount Washington, Kentucky. A avid reader she read her first romance novel at the age of ten and wrote her first novel at the age of 20. She is a proud member of the University of Kentucky's Big Blue Nation and loves all things NASCAR.

The author of It's Your Love, and co-author of the Gunpowder & Lead series, and the upcoming When Doves Cry with Amy McCorkle they seek to conquer the world of film and tv with their screenplays and teleplays while giving back to the community with Letters to Daniel. 

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