Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dear Daniel

Dear Daniel,

Truly good things are coming my way. I kind of wish I would have signed up for Context instead of Night Risers (different little Cons that aren’t even on your radar lol) but Night Risers is closer and perhaps great things will happen there.

I decided not to go to Killer Nashville. I’m not really prepared. Most of my books are already with publishers and the one I am working on isn’t anywhere near finished. I don’t particularly care for coming off as half baked when I’ve worked so hard to build my brand and have recently taken steps to build my Amy McCorkle name as Kate Lynd seems to be establishing itself quite well. Having had two Amazon bestsellers under that moniker that sold like freaking hotcakes at Fandom I think it’s clear which name needs work.

So I have a publicist now. Which is really weird. I’m not used to it. Of course, I don’t sit back and let her do all the work I come up with ideas. Like a party celebrating the release of Bella Morte where I dress up. Of course I have no idea where to buy costuming gear. Or where to buy decorations for the room.

I wish I knew how to direct scifi action films as that seems to be where my passion lay. Of course, with Missy I write other more…indie flavored films that favor the Sundance scene. Mysticon makes me want to adapt my Bounty Hunter screenplay to the big screen from the screenplay we wrote.

Missy is much more romantic drama. Of course, I love romantic dramas too. But I love scifi action romances as well. The books I’m writing now are three entirely different tales. One is Avenging Gemini, the final installment of the Gemini Rising trilogy for Blackwyrm. The other one is Bella Morte: Shattered, book 2 in the 8 book series for the new press I mentioned, and the third is a personal challenge, it’s currently titled Big Blue Nation, but I want to hit 79K. The furthest I’ve ever gotten is 60K.

Of course I have three screenplays I need to pitch. One is the finalist which I am still waiting for news on and the other two I’m simply waiting on Austin and Sundance. Those are much more likely not to do anything, but one can hope, right? I know in my gut, however, they are great scripts and the best work Missy and I have ever done. But it’s a matter of the right people reading it at the right time.

August is Sundance announcement to see if we advance to the second round. Honestly, I think Austin is the better bet for us. But we won’t know until we know.

However, Claymore was a bust for me. But that doesn’t really matter, that book now has a publisher and that’s what really matters, right?

Well, I hope each time I come here I have some great news to share. I met some cool people at Fandom Fest like Joe and Sarah at the Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes event that kicked off the whole thing.

Now on to Night Risers. I plan on getting a hotel. Driving back and forth will be a real pain in the ass. Oh well, as it is I hope to sell lots of books. But you never now, it’s a smaller Con, and the accent is on horror and I don’t know if I’ll be able to move Gemini’s War. But here’s to hoping for the best.


Amy McCorkle

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