Friday, October 18, 2013

Dear Daniel

Dear Daniel,

I’m proud to say my memoir has garnered bestseller status. It hit #2 on the Amazon Bestseller List and that makes three bestsellers in just under three years. To say I’ve been fortunate in my profession in the last two and a half-three years is an understatement.

Of course over the last few weeks I’ve been struggling with the ups and downs of my mood fluctuating. I see where the stress of living with other adults who are not my friends or significant others makes it difficult to cope when my mood does go off track.

They take it personally and have no way in which to gage it against normalcy since they’re broken too and when I’m depressed or off the tracks they do things they don’t realize just how much damage they do when they yell at me.

Of course I don’t think at 38 I should be scared of my family but the reality of the situation is I’m terrified of them. Not that my mother is going to punch me with her fists or my dad (John NOT Jerry) is going to truly abandon me. But they sold me on the idea that I would have use of the car and I wouldn’t be alone as much.
Which has all pretty much born out to be a lie. My mother takes care of my baby sister’s kids and is so afraid she’s going to boomerang back into this house she’ll do anything to keep her and her boyfriend together. I.E. the man who doesn’t want my sister to leave him but refuses to put a ring on it.

I know, I know, I shouldn’t be bitter, I shouldn’t judge. It’s just that it gets lonely sitting in the house by my lonesome. But as I write I know I’m writing my way out of what can be my own personal hell.
Whether it’s those around me who are unwittingly inflicting it upon me or my own mercurial nature where I can be as high as kite and irritable or depressed and blocked as a writer which in turn makes me irritable I know I’ve been through a lot.

Which makes watching your movies such a pleasure. Some I would like to view for the first time. I’m going to send your management team a copy of Letters to Daniel in hopes they get a grasp of what this blog is all about.

Sometimes I think I wander off topic. But then, what are blogs for. These last few weeks have been productive writing wise. I wrote a treatment and character bios for a television pilot, a drama. I wrote the pilot. I added ten pages to an award winning screenplay, Bounty Hunter. And I’ve started the adaptation of Gemini’s War to screenplay and am prepping for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November with a piece called Tragedy Square.

But I’ve struggled with my mood. One minute I’m fine and the next day I’m sleeping all day long. The weather has been known to affect all of this.

I think it’s odd that at this time last year I was writing You Know My Name, which eventually had its title changed to Gemini’s War. After NaNo I think I’ll take Avenging Gemini, the conclusion of the trilogy. Now I’m writing the film so that I can enter it in the Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition.
I plan on entering 5 screenplays total into the competition and also into the Indie Gathering in Hudson next year. Wish me luck,


Amy McCorkle

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