Saturday, March 8, 2014

Dear Daniel

Dear Daniel,

Into one’s life, a little rain must fall. And for me it’s been a lesson in patience and disappointments. First let me explain, quality books take time. So my first disappointment is about the two hundred dollars I shelled out for a themed costume for a launch of my series Bella Morte which won’t be able to be utilized until August, after book one has been out for four months. I know, what’s 200 dollars and a wait on a release date? 200 dollars out of 766 dollar a month disability check is huge. I had planned a themed release party at Conglomeration. More money spent. Arranging for a room party at Conglomeration. Almost burning a contact in my one of my publishers and had to scramble to see what I could piecemeal together. Fortunately I never had a chance to launch Letters to Daniel, and have two releases from said publisher to highlight at launch party, When Doves Cry, a co-written effort with Missy, and Gemini’s Legacy, book 2 in Gemini Rising.

Second, at NaFF Missy and I neither made it to the second round or semi-finals with any of our scripts. Which means we only have the finals to hope for. And as down as I feel I can’t help but believe in these scripts as they are really good. But we won’t know anything until Monday when the finalists are announced.

And third, shortly before my meeting with a therapist this morning to interview about possible inclusion in the Letters to Daniel film my parents, who had been on a good streak decided to shit all over me and make me feel like a loser and crappola on a shingle. I had to go in there and act like nothing was wrong and that yes I would love to interview her.

Fortunately like most shitstorms mine passed as I had breakfast and interviewed Shelly for the film. She agreed to be interviewed and had the kind of personality that I could really dig. Nice and calm while I was spinning like a top talking about the film and what it meant to me.

She was impressed with me and given my family is never impressed with me it was a nice change of pace.

However, good news, in the 4th Annual That Book Place Author Fair Story Contest, Missy and I won the screenwriting category with City of the Damned. So, even though the last few days the shit has seemed to have rolled downhill, not all things have been bad.

Bella Morte:Beginnings will not be held up indefinitely. It has a late April drop date so I should have the books in time for the book signing tour I have set up here locally.

And I plan on stepping away from the Marketing Director Position at the end of the year for Hekate as I have too much of my own stuff to concentrate on and while I can do it short term I think I would definitely do Hekate a disservice if I tried to push it long term.

I’m hopeful Delilah understands as I value her professionalism, talent, and friendship. As I value all my publishers I will continue to push all of my works with them and will tour the cons and make the move to self-publishing with my future works.

So maybe the rain and the shitstorm was to get me to make a move I’ve been needing to make.


Amy McCorkle

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