Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dear Daniel

Dear Daniel,

As the second year of this blog nears its end I find healthwise I’m glad the year is nearly over. Mom’s health scare is behind us and Dad’s knee replacement surgery is done and now we are a week from Christmas. With everyone’s health accounted for all in all this has been an incredible year for this little blog and every form it has taken.

Two volumes of letters. The first volume collected as I have expressed has been named one of only four finalists in the non-fiction category for an EPIC eBOOK AWARD. It is the highest honor an ebook can receive.

This year professionally has truly been beyond any expectation I might have dreamt up for myself. First the fantastic sales at the conventions I attended this year. I thought FILM-COM would change things. Maybe it just changed my perspective on things. I attended nine events. On average I attend 1-3 and they’re all local.

I was financially strapped all year. But in the end it has paid off. 7 awards. 2 nominations. 3 finals. My screenplays, books, and documentary based on this blog all soared against the competition. And my first #1 Amazon Bestseller in Bella Morte: Beginnings.

November was relatively quiet only in contest news. I made 3 documentaries and one music video before Thanksgiving.

Then December. Holy. Fucking. Shit.

A television producer told me he was interested in optioning some of my titles. Told me to come back in 90 days with a literary agent.

That was on a Saturday. The following Wednesday I found out I was an EPIC Finalist. And signed with a literary agent.

Now news that I may get a response from a huge hero of mine. I started crying this morning when I got the news. It’s hard to process so much in so little time.

So many people helped me get where I am. And I’ve told them on several occasions through this blog and in person. By word and by action. They have my undying gratitude.

But this blog is called Letters to Daniel.

And when I talk about my career and crawling out of darkest of holes the turnaround started in May of 2010 when I wrote Another Way to Die. Honestly your work inspires me. Your activism where women’s rights are concerned touches me. I know our paths may never cross, but your films have been everything from security blankets (Cowboys & Aliens) to storyline inspiration, I can’t really narrow list down as one of my favorites is Mother and another is Casino Royale and those are very different kinds of films.

I know from interviews (which you seem uncomfortable with at best) that you eschew fame and live for the work. You love and protect to family and loved ones. You always fight for the integrity of the film you’re a part of and you always bring you’re A game to your performance.

I hope to be just as grounded as my career does what it does and takes whatever turns it will take. Daniel, I know you’re not reading this. But I can say this enough. Thank you for the work and being the kind of performer that you are. I admire you greatly. In as much I hope my work shines as authentically as yours has.


Amy McCorkle

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