Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Dear Daniel

Dear Daniel,

Two weekends ago I attended Fandom Fest and the Fantasmagorical Film Festival attached to it.
The time leading up to it was incredibly hard. For two months I hadn’t written consistently on anything. I actually spent more time planning Letters to Daniel the feature film than anything else. And mismanaging my money in order to enter film festivals and screenwriting competitions.

Which as any person with bipolar disorder knows is a sure sign of mania. It’s one of the symptoms I’ve yet to beat completely. I don’t want it to haunt me, to follow me into this big adventure I seem to be on. It would definitely wreck any hopes of having a stable life.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Letters to Daniel, the feature film is my swing for the fences. I mean as you know there is a lot of work that goes into a film, especially an independent. And being the most collaborative art form there is I am nervous that all the pieces come together correctly.

Well, at Fandom Fest I was also screening the documentary that is on this site. The documentary Letters to Daniel: From Breakdown to Bestseller. I was also manning a booth where I was selling books. Nineteen to be exact.

I sat on one panel and after that attended the Film Festival Awards Ceremony. Here I am with the only other attending winner.

I don’t understand, if you’re in competition why not go? Sure it sucks a donkey’s penis to lose but your work was selected to screen when another’s wasn’t.

I won Honorable Mention in the documentary competition. And where I don’t have a trophy for 2013’s Bounty Hunter I walked away a medal declaring my win this time. I’m taking and running with it.

So I’m working on three books at this time. Love’s Legacy which is the concluding novel of the Healing Hands Trilogy. ANGEL which is a mafia romance thriller. And a Non-Fiction how-to-market book from a bipolar person’s perspective.

I feel like the two month crash and burn has finally shaken itself off and now I’m back off to the races.
The next festival is Indie Gathering where Missy and I took home ten awards. Are acting competition judges. We have a meeting with another production company about Letters to Daniel. We have television show interview. And I plan to try and sell our award winning screenplays.

Very busy indeed. But it seems I got my mojo back.

This always happens. Sometime around May or June the energy I have to take on the world vanishes. It’s probably a touch of the hypomania. It allows me to juggle so many things at once.

Here’s the reality I’m juggling three books. One feature film. And this blog. One of the books will eventually pull me from the other two. The feature film will be continued to worked on. And this blog won’t have as many posts as it could have if I were being more diligent.

But the parts of the blog which are now archived are now collected into a book you read. And I wait still for an answer. Thank god for my relationship with Lea and MuseItUp if I want a smaller advance and to see my work in print or rather eprint as it were faster than NY is taking I have the series I’m working on for Lea.

You see as a hybrid author I have the best of all worlds. An agent to shop my works to NY and Hollywood. And myself to use my connections in the independent publishing and moviemaking arenas.

Lucky in some respects but those opportunities only came to me because I was willing to bust my ass for them. And if any insinuates this has been a pleasure well then they just need read this blog or watch the documentary and see that nothing could be further from the truth.


Amy McCorkle

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