Monday, December 16, 2013

Dear Daniel

Dear Daniel,

I usually have a reason to say thank you. First for my sanity, second for my friendships, and last of all for an abundance in my career that a few years ago seemed out of reach.

I have siblings who claim I’m the most selfish one in the family. Honestly, I’m not too worried about what they think. They done little to nothing to show me they care one iota about my sanity. They’re too caught up in their own lives and drama to engage me on any meaningful level. I got them presents, mostly because I wanted to. But a conversation with my sister showed me just who was selfish between us. I suggested she stay and take her family home to help mom and dad home and she explained how inconvenient that was to everyone. And that I just wanted my fast food. I’m recovering from diverticulitis. My appetite isn’t what it could be. She then got her panties in a bunch and stormed out of the house—but not without her Christmas present. I would say I unbelievable, but this sister has the habit of blaming everyone else for problems she creates for herself.

As for people I’m grateful for. The first friend on the list is Missy Goodman. No one is a saint. No one is an angel. But Missy is the kind of friend everyone should be so lucky to have. Do we argue yes? Do we sometimes say hurtful things in anger? Yes. But does she show the degree of insensitivity of others who claim that blood is the strongest determining factor in any given relationship? No. Has she walked through the kind of hellfire with me that would make most people weep and send the toughest guy running? Yes. Is she a big part of why I’m enjoying the success I am today? Yes. Her love and friendship and forgiving nature has been a huge component in my healing process that my sisters just have a fundamental lacking of. Not that my sisters aren’t facing issues of their own. I love them, and I can be selfish as can anyone, but Missy has been the kind of friend movies like Beaches are about. Although she is definitely the Barbara Hershey character, we made a deal a long time ago, that no man is worth us tearing each other apart over. Even her hero is different. George Clooney is who she hangs her hat on. She looks to his work as I look to yours. Although she is fortunate enough to have 2 pages of ER script signed by her hero. As for me I must be content allowing this blog to do what it has grown into. An outlet as a memoir of sorts.

That being said the next person I’d like to thank is Pamela Turner. Pamela is the one who gave me the practical tools I needed to grasp onto success. She pointed me in the direction of the small press. She told me to not look down my nose at ebooks (which face it, I think a lot of people did and still do). She told me to go to Coyote Con. A free online writers conference. Where I participated in MayNoWriMo and wrote Another Way to Die. She then pointed me in the direction of digicon by Savvy Authors. Another online writers conference. I pitched every publisher guesting. Three of them said yes. One said not what they were looking for. And another said not the right fit but go to this publisher and tell them I sent you. I went with MuseItUp Publishing. She then pointed me in the direction of Fandom Fest, where I linked up with Hydra, which would eventually sign me for my first print novel, Bounty Hunter. The next year I launched my Gladiator series there and handed out a ton of free promo. And this year I sold 34 books, won the screenwriting competition, launched my Gemini Rising series, and met Grant Wilson whom I’ve turned into a valuable contact. Without Pam, my career doesn’t take off. Not only that, next to Missy, she’s the best friend I’ve got. Taking me to the doctor. Going out for lunches. Paying for my meds when I don’t have the cash. Paying for my cats meds when I don’t have the cash. Sure she’s a bull in a china shop. But she’s loyal, and when I’m struggling with my mood she is right there for me.

Other people have helped me. Tom Sawyer, Rich Ridings. My various publishers. Some of whom have become friends as well. Lea Schizas of Muse, Frank Hall, formerly of Hydra, Dave Mattingly of Blackwyrm and Delilah K. Stephans of Hekate Press. Have all helped me become better writers.

Authors Julie Butcher and Christine Bell have benefitted me with their time and wisdom.

Bertena Varney and Suzie Wright and proven to be invaluable in the guideposts along the way.

And my little fan club of my cousins, Rebekah, Bridgette, and Mary McAuliffe have all given me so much in getting to know them. To know that anyone loves my work or admires me the way I admire you and your work tickles me to no end.


Amy McCorkle

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