Monday, July 29, 2013

Dear Daniel, Stan Lee Ate My Food.

Dear Daniel, Stan Lee Ate My Food,

Well, I don’t know if he helped himself to it, but certainly everyone else did. Let me explain. For the most part Fandom Fest was a success for me. My table had great placement by the celebrities. I sold a total of 33 books. 15 of Gladiator Chronicles, 6 of Gemini’s War, and 12 of Bounty Hunter. I met Grant Wilson, who knew how to make it not weird for a geek to talk to him. We ended up talking writing and graphic novels and he gave me his card and he told me to shoot him an email after Fandom Fest. Which I’ve done. I also gave him complimentary copies of Bounty Hunter and Gemini’s War.

I met and had my picture taken with Brian O’ Halloran, Dante of Clerks fame. I had my picture taken with Jim Cornette, a local wrestling legend. All three of them gracious and kind and just so happy to make a fan happy. And then I met Adrian Paul. I don’t think he knew what to make of me, I handed him my books and I think he thought I was a fangirl giving him fan art. But I wasn’t. Those books were written and hard won into publication. One was a bestseller and the other an award winner. I’m not sure he liked being there. Which is understandable, the organization of Fandom Fest left much to be desired. Which brings me to my book launch party.

Directly before me was the Stan Lee Meet and Greet. Stan is a legend and far be it from me to besmirch the
man. But I paid for a room party and got pushed from an 8 o’clock start time to 9:30PM. The food meant for my party had been eaten by the people in the Stan Lee Meet and Greet. We finally get in, the band sets up and rocks the house for three songs before the hotel threatens to cut the power to the room. Cops close the doors to the crowds coming in and the ones there step out. Leaving me with a busted up book launch.
That being said, my guest authors were wonderful, Sb Knight, and Pamela Turner helped me put on one heck of a Q&A panel and I managed to sell two copies of Gemini’s War to an almost empty crowd. Thanks to Dave I had a beautiful cake that was also delicious.

And the icing on the cake? The awards ceremony was cancelled due to death and illness by the organizers of it, the winners will be notified over the next several days. I still have my fingers crossed and oh, by all the walking from the pedway to the convention hall I lost six pounds.

So I wait to hear on this festival, the Claymore, and Austin and Sundance. And from Grant Wilson. I also found a PR person to take my brand to the next level. Hopefully you’ll be hearing from me soon professionally, and not just from this blog.


Amy McCorkle

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  1. Yay Amy! Congratulations on the launch and being a success at Fandom Fest. I hope Stan Lee's people reimburse you for the food they ate. And the hotel comped you for something. Because is that is pretty effin messed up.