Friday, July 26, 2013

Dear Daniel

Dear Daniel,

Yesterday was the best of times it was the worst of times. Walking the pedway between the Galt House and the Kentucky International Convention Center and back = hell on earth to a big out of shape girl like me. But here’s the beauty of it. I made it. Gasping, heaving, sweating like a state fair pig I made it. And while resting in the bar area on the way back to my room I saw Grant Wilson of Ghost Hunters fame. He now does graphic novels and games. Well, Missy and I went back to our hotel room and had dinner. Jimmie Johns is wonderful when you’re on a budget and you don’t want to walk anywhere else.

Having cooled off and gotten some nosh in I started getting antsy but wasn’t especially hip to going to the exhibitors’ party. If only because standing up after the walking we’d done earlier seemed like a real chore. Instead we went back to the deli/bar area and sat down and chit chatted down in that area.

That’s when Grant Wilson made his appearance again. A group of fans wanted his picture and I have to admit. I wasn’t any different. These other girls were very forward and it was hard to get his attention at first. And when I first spoke I found it difficult to do so. But a funny thing happened.

His kindness and sweetness allowed me to talk about the fact I was an author at the Con and then the conversation led to graphic novels and the fact he had a series of them. Which led to him asking me if I would be interested in writing for them. I said yes, he said he knew a bunch of guys at Marvel looking for writers and he gave me his card and he told me to shoot him an email.

The icing on the cake I got my picture taken with him. Of course, I know nothing is a fate accompli in situations like this. That this is simply an opportunity presenting itself. It’s a path I’ll wander down and see where it leads but when someone breathes the words graphic novels and Marvel in the same breath, it kind of makes you stand up and take attention.

That not withstanding, Grant Wilson, was kind to me. Generous with his time and stood a long time just speaking with me and my screenwriting partner Missy Goodman and another woman whom gotten lost, named Dana. I want to say Grant’s friend was named Mike, they were all awesome. And if this is any indication as to what this Fandom Fest holds in store for me it means good things are ahead for sure.

Sometimes things seem so dark, Wednesday I was featured on the front page of my local newspaper and I still couldn’t get my mother to and father to say they’d come to the awards ceremony. But I guess sometimes you take the bad with the good, and that you have to find validation elsewhere. Knowing you’ve worked hard has to be the reward and even though you want  Mom and Dad to love you for the effort you put forth sometimes you just have to know sometimes they’re so busy taking care of everyone else it can’t matter whether they clap for you or not.

But here’s the facts, they offered a celebratory dinner should I win the screenwriting competition, Fingers crossed. :)


Amy McCorkle

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