Thursday, July 3, 2014

Dear Daniel,

Dear Daniel,

To be bipolar is no small fete. To be a functioning one in a society where you are dependent to some degree on others is a hard pill to swallow. Today and yesterday I went ring around the mental health insurance rosy to be told my mental health services were being cut because I was uninsured.

Let me lay it out for you. I have Medicare parts A and D. I do not currently have part B coverage which covers doctor’s appointments. I was told that the government in its infinite wisdom had cut dollars to Seven Co. of Louisville. And the first people cut were people like me. That the best that they could do for me was write me out a prescription for all of my meds for the next 30 days while I wrestled with a health care system that said the ACA does not apply to you.

On the other side is a group of politicians, that instead of working to fix the problems with ACA are just trying to deny me and others like me coverage. I faced the terrifying very real, and paralyzing prospect of being denied treatment, of being robbed my medication and being thrown back down a dark hole, only this time there would be no reprieve. No light to guide me out. Everything I’ve worked for would be for not.

But then this is part of the journey. Nothing is a smooth ride. There are always trials and tribulations. So yesterday I spent all day on the phone. Then I went to Seven Co. Then to the Cabinet for Women and Children. They gave me a wrong number. I called Social Security, again today. I was told enroll in Medicare part B in January. They sock it to me for 104 dollars and it’s not even active until next July.

Well uninsured I can see my psychiatrist for 15 minutes for 90 freaking dollars every three months and they’ll prescribe a three month supply of my medicine. Which Medicare part D pays for.

Grrr. Clock punching government workers who could give a shit about my mental health or others in my position. That’s why I do this blog even though I have ‘recovered’ and even though I have a book with a second volume on the way and have documentary based on it.

Okay rant over. Now on to sensational news! The news from Indie Gathering is in and it’s ALL FANFREAKINGTASTIC!

Let’s start with the main event itself. Short Documentary category. Letters to Daniel received an Honorable Mention Award! I couldn’t be more thrilled. This makes it its first award. And I can’t wait to collect in August.

I also entered 3 feature screenplays. Bounty Hunter finished second in the SciFi category. And City of the Damned and You’re the Reason received Honorable Mention Awards.

To top it off Bella Morte finished second in the TV Pilot category. Wow August 15-17th will be one heck of a weekend to remember.

Again, as with other awards ceremonies I have been blessed with I invite you and your lovely family to attend. But I also know you’re not aware of me, my blog, my books, or my film. But, your work and how you compose yourself professionally have had a huge impact on my life and career. Thank you even if you never see this or know it.


Amy McCorkle

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