Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dear Daniel

Dear Daniel,

Often I come here to sing the praises of others, and on rare occasions I have asked others for money, most recently for funds for the documentary based on this blog and memoir. Today I want to talk about who makes us writers look as good as we do. Our editors.

My first editor was Lea Schizas. Having her edit me was like marine bootcamp. It felt like my skin was being ripped off. It was not a pleasant experience. BUT that being said she tore me down and built me back up. I was a better writer for it when it was all said and done.

My line editor Greta Gunselman who has gone on to do freelance work and content editing has been with me since the beginning. She has done two books for me away from MuseItUp Publishing one which has already been self-published and a second which will become self-published at the beginning of next year. She rounded off the rough edges, has sharpened my grammar skills and  has graciously come aboard with my self-publishing venture. She deserves all the accolades that come her way.

Then there is Tanja Cilia, content editor extraordinaire who’s worked with me at Muse and Hydra she has helped whip me into the writer that I am. And I can never thank her enough for what’s she’s done. For without her guidance I may have never become the writer I am and I can’t thank her enough.

And finally I want to tell you about Ana Jobrail aka Annie Rodriguez. She is my editor over at Blackwyrm. She has done the work on the Gemini Rising series and When Doves Cry. She is a gentle soul and works hard to see that your dreams come true.

Well recently she was robbed, well recently she was robbed and assaulted in Egypt while on vacation. Everything was taken from her. Her cash. Her purse. Her credit cards and passport. She has been placed on bed rest for six months. She is currently in Romania with her son. Her home, however, could be sold as the back payment of the sewage bill was not paid by her son and his wife. And her car payment is three weeks late as they have not paid that either.

I know this sounds like a scam, but it’s not. I’ve known Ana for quite some time and have never come on any blog to beg for cash for anyone other than my own particular goals. Ana is looking for donations or editing work. She is a fantastic editor and does wonderful work. I point to Gemini’s War and Gemini’s Legacy as evidence of the kind of work she can do.

Here is the gofundme link to give donations: and you reach her under Ana Jobrail if interested in hiring her as an editor.


Amy McCorkle

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