Monday, May 26, 2014

Dear Daniel

Dear Daniel,

I talked about Missy yesterday. Today I want to tell you about Pam. Her full name is Pamela Turner. Just so you know. Her books, Death Sword and Exterminating Angel are freaking brilliant. I don’t even read that genre as a rule and I love her stuff. Death Sword is a Chanticleer Review Finalist!

She also writes terrific short fiction and has been included in several of Rayne Hall’s anthologies. Her stand-alone piece, Family Tradition was an EPIC Finalist for short fiction (the Oscars of the ebooks).

She is also an award winning screenplay writer for her short screenplay Cemetery. See what talented company I keep? Between her and Missy I am seriously blessed.

But that’s not why I’m writing about her today. I’m writing about her because I want her to know just how grateful I am to have her as a friend. That I appreciate having her in my life. And that I couldn’t do half the things I do without her there.

When I am broke there have been times she has provided me with the cash for the medicines I so desperately need in order to stay sane. When everyone else bails or simply ‘cannot help me’ she’s the one who takes me to the doctor be it the psychiatrist, the emergency room, or the clinic.

Missy and I met her when she came in to audition for a film yet to get off the ground. She didn’t get the part, but when our DP bailed on us to work with a big Hollywood guy (in retrospect I can’t really blame the guy, who were we to Cameron Crowe?) but at the time we were desperate and it was Pam who stepped up to the plate.

And the irony of ironies, of ALL the people we worked with on the set for that disaster of a film she is friend who stuck. Not because she’s not a good person deserving of every success she gets or will get in the future. But because she may be rough around the edges and I think people forget she has a very soft heart.

She is wounded by things that others may easily brush off as nothing. Even I’m guilty of it sometimes. But that being said she all kinds of AWESOMESAUCE.

When I first met her I wanted to be her when I grew up. When I needed direction she kindly showed me the way. She introduced me to Savvy Authors and digicon where I found my first publisher. She introduced me to the comic con scene and Stephen Zimmer and Fandom Fest. Where it seemed each year brought me more success than the last.

She seems to be my Golden Buddha. I rub her belly and good things happen. When I thought all hope was lost with the Letters to Daniel documentary it was she and Missy who rode to the rescue and in effect gave me a more powerful and a more moving documentary to premiere at Imaginarium to pitch at Film-Com and to talk to the You Rock Foundation with.

Pam is the kind of friend who, if you show her loyalty she will have your back in ways you never dreamed possible. She often suffers the idiots around her in silence. She’s much too professional to ever gossip or talk trash about colleagues, even if they couldn’t be more deserving of it. She takes the high road and this can be hard on her.

She came into my life in 2001 as a colleague and quickly became so much more. She has been a great friend, and if anyone deserves good things, no, great things, it’s her. She recently had her first print book come out via Blackwyrm Publishing, The Ripper’s Daughter. If you get the chance buy it, it’s on Amazon. I was a beta reader on it and it’s a terrific tale.

If anyone is privy to a friendship like the one I have with Pam you should consider yourself so lucky. They don’t come around often. So when they do, cherish it. Don’t fritter it away.


Amy McCorkle

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  1. I'm so happy I met Pam. She's great to talk to whenever we happen to share the same space, which isn't nearly often enough. I loved "Family Tradition" and have bought "The Ripper's Daughter", which will be read and reviewed in the near future. Having read one story from her and hearing her read part of another, I can tell she's a brilliant writer with a flowing style I can't help but envy. :) You're lucky to have a friend in her.