Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dear Daniel Craig,

Dear Daniel,

I wanted to have something good to end this volume of letters with. Talking about people best left in the past wasn’t something I wanted leave the audience or you with for that matter. The people discussed in the previous letter don’t approve of how I live my life. Which for the record  is none of their business but for all to know I don’t drink (except for the occasional celebratory drink or New Year’s Eve), I don’t smoke, and the only drugs I take are those I need to in order to keep me balanced (my bipolar meds), my allergy medicine (off brand Claritin), and Prilosec for GERD. And of course the occasional Tylenol or Motrin. Hardly a hardcore drug users medicine chest.

That being said, I work hard every day. Though not everyone can appreciate what I do as hard work even my parents have time just how hard I’m busting my tail end off. But hard work reaps rewards. I’ve talked about Film-Com which a week and a half away. Godspeed to me and my time. I want to enjoy myself, but I don’t want blow my opportunity either. It’s not every day I get invited to one of these things.

I’ve talked about Imaginarium and how there will be book launches and a movie premiere of BLACKOUT: AN AURORA BLACK NOVEL and Letters to Daniel Vol 1&2 and the screening of the film.

I’ve told you of the busy schedule I’m keeping this summer and early fall. But I’ve also told you of the many contests I’ve entered. Nashville, Fright Night/Fandom Fest, Indie Gathering, soon Imaginarium. And I’ve been waiting to hear back on them. Probably the hardest thing for a writer to do is wait and given we all write on spec we spend a great deal of our time doing exactly that.

Nashville was a bust. But tonight I got word on Fright Night/Fandom Fest. Both of mine and Missy’s screenplays finaled. That’s City of the Damned and Bella Morte. I’m getting a table and selling my books there. If I could show you a really awkward happy dance that makes me really look stupid that’s how happy I am tonight.

I would like to acknowledge some people here that really made this happen. First and foremost my sister from another mister, Missy Goodman. We have been writing together a really long time. Last year we broke through at this festival screenplaywise and we would like a chance to win again. We sold a lot of books there. I’d like to do that again. Missy and I met while working at a bookstore 18 years ago. We started writing together a year later. The road has been long and hard filled with obstacles for both of us. But it bonded us in the kind of friendship you don’t find every day. Yes we argue. Yes we fight. Sometimes. But we are always there for each other. And the success we’re tasting now is all the sweeter for it.

The second person I’d like to thank is Pamela Turner, a brilliant author, blogger, screenwriter, and filmmaker in her own right, we met her in 2001 and worked with her on a 2004 project that I just won’t talk about as a professional. We had everything go wrong on that set, including having two people who didn’t know their lines. We liked some of them we barely got along with others. And Pam became the friend who stuck by us like glue. She was disciplined, serious about her craft, and took no prisoners in her career. A little rough around the edges with a tender heart of gold she became a friend when no one else wanted to be. She showed me the ropes in ebook world and told me about free online writing conferences where I found my first taste of publishing success. She also pointed me in the direction of my first Con Fandom Fest and the literary track director, Stephen Zimmer.

Stephen Zimmer is a haus! He regularly champions up and coming writers and authors and helps them get started in their careers. He’s helped me, Pam, and Missy every year at Fandom Fest and  is the man behind the magic at Imaginarium. He has a big vision for Imaginarium and I believe in it what it could one day become. It’s in its first year and I am incredibly honored that he picked Letters to Daniel the documentary to be the premiere event. Because I also have two book launches there and am entering other contests he wants me to get a t-shirt that says McCorklefest on it.

Now, other than the fact I hate my last name it tickles me that he says that. But my last name is what my readers know me by. It’s my brand so even I were to get married I would always be Amy McCorkle or Kate Lynd on the front of my books or in my work.

But there you have it City of the Damned and Bella Morte are both finalists in Fandom Fest/Fright Night 2014 and the winners will be revealed August 2nd, 2014. And like I did last year, knowing like I did last year, I invite you and your family to come to the awards ceremony. But like I said snowball, hell. For now I’ll just celebrate the moment and be happy. Because this is what I work for. For people to like and recognize my work. To enjoy my work. And by this blog and book and documentary to help people with my work.


Amy McCorkle

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