Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dear Daniel

Dear Daniel,

I often talk about Missy and what she does for me. She often compares herself to a pack mule and me as the thoroughbred. She does the hard grunt behind the scenes that often lifts me up from just another writer to someone who looks like a star. She is a Taurus in every sense of the word. Steady, calm, nurturing, and if she wants to give she will, and she will do it without question.

But there is a flipside to this Missy’s bibliography reads like this: It’s Your Love, co-authored efforts Gunpowder and Lead Series (2 more novellas to come), and the short novel When Doves Cry. Then there are our screenwriting efforts. They have been many and we are finally starting to see a payoff in that area. And again her helping me (a big nod for ALL the hard work both she and Pamela Turner have put into to this) bring my documentary based upon this blog to life.

However, here’s the thing. She has never had a solo book launch. She has never had the day where as she put it last night where the mule was prettied and shined up to show and be made to feel like the star. Everything that is out with exception of It’s Your Love has either been a shared effort or as she put it, my dreams coming to life.

So here I am doing for her what I should have been doing all along. Doing for her what she does for me. Letting her shine like the star that she is.

Her most current project is My Summer With the King, a coming of age tale about a twelve year old girl named named May and her friendship over the course of that summer with the King himself Elvis Presley. It covers her relationships with her single mother Rose, her sister Daisy, and her cousin Thelma. The rush of true love with Jack, and the confrontation with her mother’s menacing boyfriend Nick.

It’s currently undergoing revision but the first draft is fantastic. She plans on having it edited and will launch it at Imaginarium! Where I am already quite busy but it’s simply not fair for me to expect her not to taste some of the solo joy I am tasting. Screenwriting has always been something we did together and while we’ve done some books together it’s simply nice to be known for something you’ve created on your own.

Maybe it’s a selfish thing, perhaps it about being in control. But everyone deserves their day in the sun. And Missy certainly has earned hers. Be on the lookout for her relaunched blog, FB page and her official author site.

I really believe in her the way she has believed in me. I hope everyone who reads this will join me in celebrating who Missy is and what she wishes to become over the next year. I really want her to feel like she can shine her brightest around me and not just to be a mirror who reflects my light.


Amy McCorkle

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