Friday, January 10, 2014

Dear Daniel

Dear Daniel,

This is my view. Purely my view. And when it comes to marketing and promotion I consider myself very good at what I do. But while I have been working very hard to set up things to make things good for the Hekate Press authors I’ve been informed some people may take offense to my personal style.

Before I really launch into this I want to tell my trusted and valued friend who I lost my cool with last night over this I am apologetic in the way I presented my views on this to her. However I am not apologetic in how I run my position as Marketing Director for Hekate Press.

I made an announcement last night that Hekate Press authors should go to a local Con. I mentioned scifi cons because they’re affordable and are open to all genres of fiction. They generally affordable and dealer tables aren’t that bad either. That being said, there is a wide variety of cons ranging from highly affordable to HOLY CRAP THEY COST HOW MUCH?

Here are some answers to that problem (even if they are highly affordable).

Share a table. That’s right. You heard me. Share a table. If the Con allows for it share the table. That includes being a representative of your publishing house.

Double up in your hotel room. Maybe triple up. Or quadruple up. Hotels even when they are negotiated down by the event can still be an expense too daunting for some to face on their own. I understand. I’ve been in this place myself. So when in the red or narrowly in the black cash fund wise find a way to share expenses.

You only have ebooks. Do what some houses do and get cd-rom versions of your book or vouchers like others. I know it’s a hard sell but nothing ventured nothing gained. (I’m pretty hard core on this particular one because that’s how I built my audience).

Travel issues. Car pool. Share gas expenses. And find a Con close to home.

Food and spending money, save for it. Most people only have one book a year come out. Plan in advance and pick one con to go to.

For mystery and romance authors you may hesitate hitting a scifi con. And you want to hit one of the more expensive cons in your genre. While that may be ideal it just may not be plausible or possible in the beginning. Take your snob hat off (yes, I wore it at one time too) and think outside the box.

The cost of books you say is too much to do this. Again find your release date and start saving.

I can come off as harsh and hardcore at times but that’s only because I’ve been willing to do these same 
things at times. I’ve watched my career grow with the connections made at such cons and festivals.

Does this mean you have to do it? No, absolutely not. But I know there is something to be said for taking a chance and I have the record to prove it. So please, take this message in the spirit in which it is intended and be inspired to take control of your careers. Not just Hekate authors, but all authors as well.


Amy McCorkle

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