Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dear Daniel

Dear Daniel,

There are people out there that I know and love that are struggling I won’t them to know they are not alone. That there are those of us out there struggling just the same. And then there is what I want to talk about today.

A path diverging. My small press career is booming. A job as Marketing Director. Juggling series I never thought possible. Screenplays and a teleplay in competition. It seems like I should be content. But I googled film schools in Kentucky. And one pulled up in Louisville. And it was affordable, if I can just get someone to co-sign on a loan.

I’ve been seeking everyone’s advice. My father’s (John’s) and really I know no one who can co-sign for me. And my brand of seeking out people at conventions and conferences and FB and twitter seems to be doing quite well for me.

The night of the Golden Globes Missy read a large chunk of Kevin Smith’s Tough Shit to me. And in it he recounts how he and his friend/producer Scott Mosier witnessed and I quote, “That’s when Eisener released the kraken”. That’s a funny as shit story because Kevin lived it and he has talent for painting a picture with words and telling stories like few others can.

I sought counsel from my editor at Target Audience Magazine and she pointed out I have carved out a nice career for myself by writing in the small press, attending conventions, and signings and networking that way.
And if anyone besides my cousin is reading this then they know this is true. 28 contracts, by the end of this year 14 books will be out. 4 Amazon bestsellers, 3 successful blogs. 1 Screenplay win 2013 Fright Night Film Fest Best SciFi. 7 Preditor & Editors Top Ten Awards over 3 years 2011-2013. 2 Moondance International Film Festival Semi-Finalist Awards 2012 & 2013. Recently named Marketing Director of Hekate Press. Mentoring young writers struggling with mental health issues.

Mentored by the likes of Julie Butcher, Christine Bell, Tom Sawyer, Rich Ridings, and Grant Wilson.
No one has ever handed me a ten grand check for anything to make things easy on me. So perhaps the film school opportunity is not for me. My family is being uncooperative in even saying they would provide me with transportation.

At this point I must thank my friends Pamela Turner and Melissa Goodman. They keep me going when perhaps my illness would seek to keep me down. They are the special ingredients to my success.

My publishers, Muse, Hydra, and Blackwyrm and all my friends there.

Bertena Varney, for blessing me with the grain of an idea for a character that seems to be my breakthrough story to the mainstream.

And especially my friend and boss, Delilah K Stephans, who believed in my capabilities and strength to bless with the position of Marketing Director. Next to Missy and Pam she really has been great.

Actually there are too many people to thank. But perhaps the film school opportunity will pass me by and Nashville will be some luck my way. Or even the First Look Project. Or even the Author’s Fair Competition.

Anyway, may your life continued to blessed, and may I get off this merry-go-round of emotion.


Amy McCorkle

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