Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dear Daniel

Dear Daniel,

Normally I wouldn’t use this blog as this sort of platform but here I am. Having accomplished something through the help and support and belief of so many people in my professional life that even twenty-four hours after I still am on cloud nine.

Earlier in the year I was asked to be the Marketing Director of Hekate Press. This only after I pitched Bella Morte: Beginnings and the idea of it as it an 8 book epic series and was told yes, send it in. I was touched. I knew I could market, but an entire company. Managing my backlist was hard enough, did I really have what it took to market an entire company and see to Delilah’s vision that each author had a real marketing plan as well as market the house?

Well, having been trained in marketing my own work by one of the best, Lea Schizas. And taking cues from someone who could sell ice water to Eskimos in Tony Acree. And shown the undivided attention by the likes of Frank Hall and Dave Mattingly. Each of MuseItUp, Hydra, and Blackwyrm respectively. They all believed and still do believe in me and for that I must and am very glad to tip my hat to all of them.

Last night I felt very much like the Queen of the World and it was due in no small part to all of them. A special nod to G.L. Giles, fellow Blackwyrm author who hooked me up with Target Audience Magazine three years ago initially as a book reviewer. Without you G.L. this most definitely would have never happened.

That being said, Ellen Eldridge is the owner and editor-in-chief of Target Audience Magazine. A premiere indie online magazine which will be making the transition to being an online as well as print. I have had the distinct privilege of gracing the cover as featured author and had several articles run in the magazine. Ellen is also a big fan of this very blog. So perhaps, this progression was just the next step in our professional relationship.

In March a full page black and white ad of my cover for Bella Morte: Beginnings will run with a call to action to head to my article in the online version of the magazine. And the online version of the ad will link to the Hekate Press website.

So big whoop, right? Here’s where the exciting part comes in. ALL HEKATE AUTHORS who write a blogpost about the promotion or marketing side of their new release and/or what inspired them to write their newest book out will be run in the online version of Target Audience Magazine. No money exchanges hands. The authors have the option of a discounted ad but ONLY if they want it.

Win/win. So on truly the coldest day of the year I wanted to announce on my blog where sometimes I struggle to find the happy I have found some of the biggest happy I could have possibly found and it is some of the HOTTEST news I could possibly share.

I know this sounds goofy and corny, but I hope my silent witnesses are proud of me. Because three years ago this would have never seemed possible to me.


Amy McCorkle


  1. Amy, you've worked very hard for every inch you have gained in your career. You are an inspiration to any Indy author who hopes to have a career as a writer. Whatever small party I played, your success is due to your continued incredible work ethic. Congrats!

  2. Thank you Tony, I'm touched by what you have to say and admire you greatly. I enjoy it every time we do an event together. Restraining Order!

  3. Ditto to what Tony said...now if his Eskimo sales talents could just rub off on me, I'd be a happier camper :)

  4. Congratulations, Amy. This is wonderful news. You deserve it.

  5. Very nice post, Amy. Congratulations on your success.

    Yes, Lea has wonderful marketing ideas. If I could just get up the courage to do what she's suggested, I might be able to sell that ice water too. lol

  6. Thanks Mysti, Suzanne, and Leona. Your support means the world to me.

  7. Congrats, Amy. Seems like a great opportunity!