Friday, January 3, 2014

Dear Daniel

Dear Daniel,

You do something long enough, it becomes a habit. Addictive. Well, food is my addiction, but so is writing. And I got away from writing the way I wanted to on this blog mostly because I was spreading myself so thin doing so many things. I find when I want to those things I wake up in the morning and get so much done that my evenings are empty and free to do with as I like.

Things have been so gloomy as of late on this blog. I’m hopeful that someone has read it that needed it. Has seen even when things are bad that there is always light. I haven’t felt suicidal in quite some time, so I’ve been blessed. But today I wanted to talk about the angels who have descended into my life. And thank them for what they have done for me.

The first on the list is Vicki Lynn Thompson. I really do believe she was angel, because I saw her at the beginning of the year, she connected me with Tom Sawyer and then she just vanished off the face of Facebook. I mean Facebook is where I connect with others and network. Twitter too. I know, you’re a private man, that much comes across in your interviews. I get that. I just tend to bleed like someone’s tapped a vein on this and other blogs I write for. I mean within the first twenty minutes you will know that I have bipolar disorder, had a dicey childhood, and that I’m a writer. I can’t control it. It’s just who I am.
I know people will hurt me because of this fact. That’s why I hesitate to call too many people my friends. And why even though I use this blog in a way that you’re like this silent witness to my story I know Daniel Craig, actor, is nowhere near this blog. But like I said in a sense you can be. I don’t pretend to know you. This blog is essentially about me and how I’ve survived and conquered many obstacles in life.

But here is the thing, I have angels all around me. You, in a way Daniel, and your work, and how you carry yourself professionally has been an angelic presence in my life. If you didn’t have the chops that you do acting wise it occurs to me I might have never had a breakthrough novel with a hero everyone absolutely went crazy for. Now, I wrote it and the hero is my creation but Another Way to Die garnered me several royalty checks and a couple of awards. Eventually GLADIATOR became a bestseller and an award winner. Your work fueled my imagination. And Bounty Hunter has been the book that became the screenplay that broke me through at film festivals. Truly, if I could thank you for inspiring me to my best work I would. Not in that, show up out of nowhere weird way. But perhaps one day my work ends up in front of you and you decide to work on the film.

Or maybe ‘your people’ tell you about the blog. And  I never know if you know how appreciative I am of your work and how it’s inspired me, but you do. That would be enough for me. Gratitude is what I express. You have been an angel in my life, well, at least your work has and I want to thank you for that.
Tom Sawyer on the other hand mentored me in the way a television treatment should look like. Grant Wilson, who I met at Fandom Fest, has become a champion of mine and Missy’s based on the 8 book series, BELLA MORTE, that I’m close to 30K into on the 2nd book in the series.

And finally, to my publishers who all gave me a break of sorts. Lea, Frank, and Dave. And now, Delilah.
Let me take a moment to talk about Delilah and Hekate Press. First off, Delilah is a brilliant cover artist and a fabulous artist period. If you hear otherwise, it’s just a lie or sour grapes talking. Delilah’s brand isn’t for everyone. Meaning, she’s a direct person. She’s not cruel. She admits she can be bitchy but she gives a heads up about it. She is only human after all. But, if you’re willing to help yourself, and to reach out when needed she is the kind of person who will go to the mat for you. So when she came to me and asked me to be the Marketing Director for her new venture, one she had been thinking about for years, I was touched. I am proud to say I am employed by Hekate Press. And that my beloved series, BELLA MORTE was accepted there. I probably could have taken it any one of my houses that I write for. But I wanted print books at the same time as my ebooks. And I wanted the best cover artist around, hands down, to be working on the cover concept. And when she told what she had planned I got super excited.

Not only that, she is a good friend. And good friends are hard to find. I look forward to the day I get to meet her in person. She is an angel along with several other unsung heroes not mentioned today, you know who you are.


Amy McCorkle

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