Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dear Daniel

Dear Daniel,

I’m excited. Really, really bursting from within excited. Missy was able to get tickets to the Kevin Smith Event at Fandom Fest. I know this is going to sound corny and lame but as writing partners we kind of pegged him as one of our heroes.

We came into this screenwriting gig a few years after he hit it big with CLERKS. And if you’ve ever worked in movie rental place or worked a stop ‘n rob (convenient store) then you know why a certain generation kind of glommed onto him the way that they did and made him a cult hero.

He’s actually a talented guy and gifted storyteller. I’ve read several of his memoirs he’s funny, empathetic, and has an incredibly strong voice as a writer. I think he’s sorely underrated in the industry, but I think he proved his worth and guts with Red State. An my personal favorite movie of his, Zach and Miri Make A Porno. Which they do, but it’s actually a warm, romantic comedy wrapped up in his signature bawdy style.

Some people are offended by that sort of thing. I’m just not. When you’re doing something because you have a passion for, it shows. Now, Zach and Miri isn’t actually one of his box office successes. He’ll tell you it broke is heart opening weekend. For an interesting take on this read his Tough Shit memoir it’s an eye opener on this business and how the person you thought you could trust can change in devastating heart beat.
He’s a fascinating guy and even though I’m not going to get to actually shake his hand and meet him I’m going to get to see him to do what he does best. The movie he will be screening is produced with his best friend Jason Mewes.

Theirs is a long and tested friendship, fraught with Jason’s battle with addiction and when Jason was struggling to stay clean Kevin opened up his huge heart and they produced this film together. At the end of each screening of the film they do a podcast and it’s like therapy and it helps Jason stay clean. That’s love, that’s friendship. And all the reason more to admire a man like him, and admire Jason for travelling the path to sobriety and being clean.

I know from experience with my best friend that the path to sanity has not always been easy, and for a while I laid down my screenwriting and filmmaking dream and explored novels, novellas and short stories for a while.

And then I saw his Burn In Hell tour on youtube. He was inspiring and although I had written Bounty Hunter with no pressure. From March to April Missy and I wrote two more scripts. Which we promptly entered in Austin. And You’re the Reason we took a snowball’s chance and entered it in the Sundance Screenwriter’s Lab competition. We’re hopeful, but standing out amongst thousands is no small task. But I’m pleased to say to say I feel inspired and like I can stand tall where once I would have wilted. Everyone who reads this please cross their fingers for my upcoming competition, Fright Night. If you so choose that is. Nothing compares to the thrill of finaling. With the exception I think of winning, which honestly is just the icing on an already delicious cake.


Amy McCorkle

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