Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dear Daniel

Dear Daniel,

I have several victories to report. One, GEMINI’S LEGACY is done and awaiting edits. Two, WHEN DOVES CRY, the second short novel I was working on is finished. That means, since February, I have completed a novella, CITY OF THE DAMNED, two feature length screenplays, and the two short novels. All I can say is HOT DAMN. I have never been that productive in my life. And did I mention I’m 17K into book 1 of my BELLA MORTE series?

All of this on the heels of my BOUNTY HUNTER screenplay finaling in the Fright Night Film Festival makes the hard stuff all worth it. All of the books are contracted for publication. And I’m waiting to hear back on the Claymore competition at Killer Nashville for LEGACY and Sundance and Austin for YOU’RE THE REASON and Austin for CITY OF THE DAMNED screenplay.

I have never felt so blessed in my entire life. Finishing projects used to be my Achilles heel. When I was in high school my Aunt Rosie, my first official fan said I’m not going to read anything else by you until you finish it. Then it became I can only work on one project at a time.

And then thanks to a wonderful person who put up with my incessant need to read my cards gave me the message, the Universe favors any idea you start now. And boom 4 projects all finished. BOUNTY HUNTER was written last year over a period of four months (the screenplay). Breath of Life was written from August to September. Gemini’s War was written from October until the middle of November.

It’s been an especially good run creativity wise. And now that I’m onto book 1 of BELLA MORTE I can really focus and lose myself in the story. It may come along faster now that the other books are finished.
Of course, I have two other projects in the que waiting to be written, the conclusion of GEMINI RISING and the screenplay adaptation of Gemini’s War. Then of course the rest of the BELLA books.

Some say I’m fortunate to be able to do what I do full time. And I’ll admit, they’re right. But when I organize my day a ton can be get done. And the marketing gig is going fantastic. I have lots of ideas. Some that can be implemented now and others that have to wait. I’m kind of in a holding pattern right now. But that doesn’t mean when I get the green light I won’t be off like a shot. Hell, I think I’m bombarding my boss now with ideas.

At some point in my career I would like to help the people who have helped me along the way. Whether we’ve fought and made up or fought and not made up. At some point people are helping me.

As you’ve seen my life is like a roller coaster. I don’t want a roller coaster. I want balance. Harmony. Joy. But I know anything worth having comes with the good and the bad. And right now I’m blessed with a multitude of ideas. But book 3 in GEMINI RISING is still unformed in the back of my mind. And I’m too exhausted with the story to contemplate writing the screenplay my publisher has asked to see. So I’m working on my passion project at the moment. BELLA MORTE.

As I’ve mentioned Fandom Fest is going to be off the chain for me. Kevin Smith, sitting on panels, a dealer table, a sanctioned event I’m putting on to launch GEMINI’S WAR, a photo with one of my other heroes, Adrian Paul, and the icing on an already delicious cake, and awards ceremony where I’m a finalist.

I wish I had some kind of crystal ball where I knew whether or not I won. But to be honest my weekend is so jammed packed full of cool shit I should be able to distract myself until the big reveal as to whether I go home with hardware or not.

So as I close out this letter, I want to extend the invitation to Fandom Fest for my launch to you and your family, I know I’ve already invited you once, but I think it bears repeating just how much your work inspires me in my work.


Amy McCorkle

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