Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dear Daniel

Dear Daniel,

I feel like I kind of phoned yesterday’s letter in, I did such a lousy job of getting it in front of anybody. And I don’t really think of it as my best work. But I think, it was my birthday, and I did so much and I was so tired that it really compromised what I’m trying to do with it.

I have so many hopes and dreams. Some of them include having a signature series that I’m known for. And Bella Morte seems to have evolved into just that. And by signature series I think, Harry Potter=Rowling. Mallorys=Lindsey. Hamilton=Anita Blake. I mean I want to write all sorts of things but that’s why I have other pan names I write under. It allows me that kind of freedom. And of course, as successful as I see myself I’m under no delusion.

I’m successful in a small scale way. When people say my name few people even know who the hell I am lol. Hell, as great as I feel like this blog is doing I still am at the mercy of the lovely people who grace me with the time to even come and read it. Sometimes they even leave me nice compliments. Which always gives me a thrill. J

With the finaling of Bounty Hunter in the film festival screenplay competition I have to pinch myself. I’ve never done that before. And I’m still on something of a high from that and it makes me cry those big fat happy tears. I honestly wouldn’t know what I would do if I won.
I know, I know, it’s not the Oscars, the Independent Spirit Awards, or the Golden Globes, or even the Critc’s Choice Awards, but for someone struggling to get by it’s huge. And for me, who’s been happy to just land on the board up to this point it’s a big step.

It’s important to note I haven’t won shit at this point. But finaling? It’s like winning to me. In the life I lead it’s like a bright, promising light at the end of a very long tunnel that you and my other heroes have been lighting the way of up until this point. It’s validation of all the hard work and sacrifice I’ve been pouring into this screenwriting thing up until this point.

As for the signature series, Bella Morte seems to be gaining traction every passing day. I find myself wanting to write for it even as I close in on the finish of book 2 of the Gemini Rising trilogy. So today I write on it.
I slept better last night than I’ve slept in quite some time. I do so much better with sleep. But I know sometimes I’m such a workaholic I’m thinking it’s a time suck on the time I could be writing.

That might have something to do with my serious lack of a social life. But then, I’d rather be alone with my characters than be in a room full of people. Which brings me to Fandom Fest/Fright Night Film Festival.
July is so close now. I get to do so much fun stuff. Sit on panels and talk about writing. (I know, I know, I’ll be lucky to get one person to show up in the room. People are there to see the actors lol) But still, I’m passionate about what I do and it’ll be nice to be given a platform to possibly inspire others the way you and others have inspired me to embrace their hopes and dreams in the face of maybe a lot of doubters, including themselves.

I’ll be doing the double release party for City of the Damned and Gemini’s War. Which will include, a rock band, LAME, light refreshment, a costume contest to be judged by my nephew (who will be turning seven) and giveaways from my publishers. Again, I know hell is more likely to freeze over than you and your family coming, but the invitation stands.

I get to get my photo taken with Adrian Paul, the Highlander. I was going to see Kevin Smith, but his tickets sold out before I could purchase them. Perhaps I’ll see him at the festival roaming around. Otherwise, I’ll have to wait for another time to meet that hero of mine.

And the final day of Fright Night/Fandom Fest I get to attend my first ever Awards ceremony where I’m ‘invited’. Of course I’ll have a table where I get to hang out with my friends and sell my books during the rest of the ceremony but that seems like miles away.

I’m so lucky these days in a lot of respects. And I just wanted show you how a little thing can keep me a float. Although in some ways it seems like such a big thing.


Amy McCorkle

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