Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dear Daniel Craig

Dear Daniel,

Let’s get elephant out of the way. I don’t know you. You don’t know me. But I know your work. And it’s impressive. And what it’s done for me is really beyond anything I could’ve hoped for.   Or even expected. I’m a successful small press and soon to be indie writer. I write everything under the sun. Short stories, novellas, novels. I even write screenplays. None of which I’m sure you’re ever going to read or see. But I’m big believer in paying it forward. So I’ll do what I do with anything I write and begin at the beginning.

This blog is really a platform to thank you for all that I’ve been blessed with over the last two and a half years. But the seeds were planted in September of 2009 when I rented Casino Royale. I went out and bought it. And that’s saying a lot. I wasn’t much of a Bond girl myself. It’s not that the movies were bad, I just found them…not for me. But I’ll admit, the scene where you came up out of the water at the beginning of the film did make an impression on me, lol. However, there are plenty of films where I think men are nice to look at, but if the story isn’t there I won’t go see it. I’m a bit of a film snob in that regard.

That being said I loved the movie, and thought Vesper Lynd was the best Bond girl ever. I know people say Bond Woman now, but the reality is this, I’m from Kentucky and am 37 years old, I say girl. It’s just the vernacular. I liked Vesper Lynd so much I chose Lynd for my last name for my scifi and dystopian books that I write. I digress. In May 2010 Coyote Con, an online writing conference, included a writing contest, MayNoWriMo (MayNoWriMo). I wrote 50K book in 30 days. It was called Another Way to Die. And for the first time, I used you as the hero template. In February of 2011 at another online writing conference, digicon, I pitched the book and eventually landed a contract with a Canadian e-publisher, MuseItUp Publishing. I was 35. I’d been writing for 30 years. Seventeen of those years I’d been seeking publication. Finally, validation. I cried.

I had been through so much. And really so much in my life that I couldn’t possibly cover it in just one post. Hence, the blog. I’ve been emotionally and sexually abused. I live with a bipolar diagnosis. And right now I seem to be going through some sort of renassaince. I’m more confident than I’ve ever been. I have signed 23 publication contracts since February 2011. 7 of them are out under my given name Amy McCorkle or my pen name Kate (for Kate Winslet) Lynd (Vesper Lynd). I’ve won awards, the high point so far being a 2012 Moondance International Film Festival award for Best Short Story.

There are have been extreme highs and lows. At one point I was going to bed hungry and waking up hungry. Struggling with symptoms of bipolar disorder can be very hard. All in the name of trying to make a movie. It’s just been recently that I’ve turned back to a love of mine, screenwriting. I’m better now. Sane now. And this summer and fall I’ll be going out to promote two books, Gemini’s War and City of the Damned, including a huge double launch which is going to be a sanctioned event at Fandom Fest/Fright Night Film Festival. Kind of like SDCC only not as big. Although for me it will be.

Your work has inspired me even in some very low and scary times to hang onto my dreams and pursue my passion at all costs. As a thank you I’d like to invite you, your wife, and your daughter to the launch. Now, I don’t know anyone who knows you. And this is a relatively new blog, so I won’t hold my breath or even dare to think you would for a split second think about coming. I’m not that self absorbed or self involved. But all the same, I really think you should know you’re a big part of why this summer is going to be so huge for me. Again thank you. I am forever indebted to you.

Amy McCorkle

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